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A Diploma course in Library Principle and Information Science can pen several avenues. Pursue the Distance Learning DLIS course and explore the opportunities.

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    DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh


    Welcome to the world of DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh. DLIS Distance education is one of the most suitable means of continuing education with employment. Distance education makes you complete your education along with your work experience.

    DLIS Correspondence education in Chandigarh course gives you the same value, status, and recognition as a regular college degree. All of our courses are recognized by UGC and can be produced for government and multinational jobs, educational loans for further study.

    In India, where people and their favorite institutions are separated by great distances, often obstructing the conventional type of education, the distance education mode will prove useful in many situations.

    The tremendous change in which science and technology are advancing makes it essential for people to improve their knowledge and skills to stay current in their fields of work. The importance of distance education is a source of opportunities for people who aspire to learn more but do not have the convenience to do so.

    In DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh, the teacher and the student are separated geographically and by time. Correspondence courses have become distance education, with the acquisition of additional features.

    On the other hand, open learning refers to an arrangement in which students adopt the self-study style, completing structured courses around specially prepared learning materials, supported by face-to-face classes and exams.

    What is Distance Diploma in Library in Information Science (DLIS)Course?

    The Distance Diploma in Library and Information Science is a short course in which you teach the importance of maintaining, collecting, and organizing books. Students must have interest in books, suggested to follow this course.

    The Distance Diploma in Librarianship and Information Sciences trains students in terms of basic management skills, organizational behavior, the art of collecting books or information. As today’s world works with a keyword called technology, the habit of referring to a book is gradually reduced, well-structured data in books helps to understand the full details of any subject.

    Some of the fields such as journalism, research, the archeology department need old data from newspapers, old articles, newspapers, or magazines, the Diploma in Librarianship and Information Sciences explains the demand or need for a librarian, once finalized, of course, a student. You can be a professional expert in book organization.

    Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLIS) is a combination of library science and information science jointly referred to as SLIS. But in the late 1960s, after understanding the importance of a professional or expert librarian, the name of the course was reloaded as LIS, that is, Library and Information Sciences.

    As it is a diploma course, there are two main advantages: you can pay a lower fee and in that case, you can get money back, the Diploma is a certification course that you can follow at any time in your academic stage.

    The duration for Completing the course will take between 1 and 2 years in which, with theoretical knowledge, you can also learn many things in practice. In general, the diploma helps the student to learn practical subjects. That way, the necessary skills will also be developed.

    Eligibility Criteria for Distance Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLIS)

    Applicant must have passed the 10 + 2 level exam or equivalent with at least 50 percent of the scores from a recognized central or state board (relaxed for reserved category applicants).

    • Candidates must not be late; Before entering the diploma, they must pass all subjects.
    • The entrance test is a mandatory exam for any student who wishes to apply to the course.
    • In the entrance test, candidates must obtain minimum qualifications.
    • For students in the reserved category, they will need to show their reservation certificates issued by qualified authorities.

    Why Study Distance Diploma in Library and Information Science (DLIS)?

    • This is a sector in which there is not much competition if you are looking for a lucrative government job with all its advantages.
    • The diploma is only one year in lieu of the 3-year degrees and can be done comfortably from home through the distance education program.
    • The fresher salary is good, and after a few years, one can expect to get much better salaries, as experience will be counted. Along with that, one can obtain his higher degree by correspondence (distance education).
    • There are a wide variety of jobs, documentation officer, consultant, or working as a librarian in schools or universities. If you want the stability of one place, doing routine work, then being a librarian is good for you.
    • Students can go to higher education after obtaining a diploma and then try to get better packages in both private companies and government jobs.
    • Someone who is interested in reading and writing can easily enter a reputable publishing industry and could help you build the contacts they need to get your work published.

    The career scope after DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh

    The different job opportunities that you can grab are:

    Information analyst

    Information analysts design and manage information systems and perform accurate and comprehensive analysis and reporting on operational data. They can also recommend other methods and technology derived from the collected data to maximize the efficiency of the project implementation.

    Store manager

    A store manager is liable for overseeing the daily operations of a store, making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Her duties include motivating sales teams, creating business strategies, developing promotional material, and training new staff. Also known as a store supervisor.

    Librarian assistant

    Library assistants perform administrative tasks in libraries. As paraprofessionals, they assist patrons picked materials but involve requests for more in-depth research to librarians. Library attendants check-in and out of material at the circulation desk, receive payment for purposes, put books on shelves when patrons return them, and help process new material. They are also called library aides, library technical aides, and library circulation aides.

    Information executive

    An executive information system, also known as an executive support system, is a type of management support system that facilitates and supports the information and decision-making needs of top executives. Provides easy access to internal and external information relevant to the organization’s objectives.

    Documentation Officer

    A documentation specialist is an administrative expert who is responsible for managing company documents. Her job is to store, catalog, and retrieve documents. This may include keeping paper files, electronic files, or even databases.

    Why Opt Diploma in Library and Information Science?

    Students who are interested in orienting their career towards Library Management can apply for this course. People who know the value of books and do it as a profession are eligible to apply for this course. The librarian is a responsible role in which he acts as a bridge between people and information. The information does not involve only books, there are many sources involved such as magazines, newspapers, articles, magazines, and, nowadays, also e-learning.

    In a survey, it was found that more than 85% of Library and Information Science professionals mentioned that their career choice is theirs. The main factors to follow the Diploma in Library and Information Sciences course are: Develop knowledge in society, Encourage the new generation of students and show the importance of reading books, Help people to quickly obtain information for their article or research paper, Help to find information for doctors, advocates, journalists, archaeologists, etc.

    How to survive in the Diploma course in Library and Information Sciences: The library and information science is a course of self-interest, a student who is willing to apply this course must have basic knowledge of books, holistic and historical knowledge, and also the fundamentals and principles of the library, and information science, management skills, organization skills. The course is suitable for people who have an interest in learning new things or a variety of subjects with a good customer service attitude, interpersonal and communication skills.

    Why choose DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh?

    Distance education is booming in India, but not all of them provide quality education. There are only a handful of players in the field of distance education providing quality education in India. DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh is one of them.

    It allows you to improve the skills of students and make them learn how they can increase productivity. DLIS Correspondence Education in Chandigarh has a state-of-the-art learning system that enables students to learn and understand complex and difficult subjects effectively.

    DLIS Distance Learning in Chandigarh is recognized by the University Scholarship Commission for Distance Education (UGC), the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the National Council for Teacher Training (NCTE), the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI ), the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP), the Council of Architecture (COA), The Institution of Engineers (India), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

    Below are the main features of DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh that make a difference.

    • A wide range of industry-oriented products
    • 24 × 7 access to your award-winning online electronic portal.
    • Acceptance of degrees and diplomas worldwide.
    • Excellent innovative curriculum.
    • Professional support system after completing the course.
    • Affordable rate.
    • Choice of the medium in English, Hindi and Punjabi (in certain courses).
    • Dedicated call center for students.
    • The only university in India that offers equal opportunities to distance education students through participation in university calls, placement campaigns and cultural and sporting events.
    • Flexible duration of the courses.

    What is the syllabus of DLIS Distance Education in Chandigarh?

    The course allows you to learn the basic skills of library and information science. The diploma covers the aspects of the library and information science. It includes subjects like research methodology, classification and cataloging, reference and preservation, care collection management, and many more. The main subjects that you will learn in this diploma are:

    • Library and society
    • Library classification theory
    • Library classification practice
    • Library management
    • Information retrieval
    • Information technology
    • Documentation
    • Research methods in library science
    • Reference and information sources
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